In addition to ongoing therapy, we offer programs tailored for specific populations.

Our programs are available as a supplement to regular therapy and/or for patients who do not receive ongoing therapy at Little Tesoros.

These programs are offered for a specific amount of time (for example, for 2 weeks in a row) and are usually offered at regular intervals throughout the year. Below you will find descriptions for our current program offerings.

For more information about any of our programs or to request an application please call us at 512-248-2422 or email us.

Additionally, if you are interested in our programs, but have concerns about the cost, ask us how we may be able to help you obtain funding.

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Social Language Groups

Little Tesoros is excited to offer a variety of group programs that address pragmatic communication skills, also described as social skills or social communication.

These abilities determine how we use verbal and non-verbal language to communicate with others.

A child may be effective in saying words clearly, using correct grammar, and understanding complex information but may still have a communication difficulty if they have not yet mastered the rules of social interaction that may seem instinctual to some.

Please see the links below for more information about social language skills.

Early Literacy and Language Workshop for Parents

Little Tesoros is passionate about getting books into the hands of children and making reading a fun experience they grow to love. Parents can help turn this dream into reality.

Parents are a child’s first influential teacher and therefore play a pivotal role in fostering early literacy and language skills. Sharing quality book-reading experiences with their child is critical for developing a strong reader.

This workshop teaches parents how to do just that. Speech and language knowledge, as well as the Read With Me! curriculum, are used to support parents and their young reader.

The workshop will cover:

  • Why is reading important?
  • Strategies for making reading fun for kids and parents
  • Basic early speech and language milestones
  • Q&A opportunities to ask questions and share ideas

Dates and Times: November 3rd (Part I), November 10th (Part II) from 9:30am - 11:30am

Cost: $100 to attend both workshops

Location: Cedar Park Clinic at 1301 Medical Parkway Suite 130, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Presented by: Kendall Fritsch, MS, CCC-SLP

  • Please note, this workshop is for parents/caregivers only. Childcare will not be provided.
  • This program does not teach children to read.

Social Butterflies

This group is for children ages 6-10 and aims to build a foundation of vital social communication skills for success in a variety of social settings.

Social skills can be difficult to target in a one-on-one therapy session and adapting to ever-changing social situations in the classroom and community may be frustrating and scary for a child.

Social Butterflies will closely match children into a group of four who, with the help of a licensed clinician, will work as a team to learn how to experience healthy interpersonal interactions.


  • Taking the perspective of others
  • Making inferences
  • Body language when listening
  • Identifying complex emotions

A group size of 3-5 kids provides a supportive and nurturing environment where children can learn new, challenging social skills.

Social Butterflies is a great opportunity for your child to learn new social skills in a small group setting for success in the home and in classroom settings.

Parent involvement through a follow-up consultation will help your child to navigate this complex area of language development as they grow into a Social Butterfly!

Dates: 12/19, 12/20, 12/27, 12/28, 1/02, 1/03

Cost: $225 for six, 1-hour classes

Location: North Austin Clinic at 9101 Burnet Road Suite 103, Austin, Texas 78758

SoCo Club

A social communication group for kids led by a Speech-Language Pathologist at LTTS.


  • 3-5 children per group
  • Ages 6-8 or 9-12
  • 1 Speech-Language Pathologist


Often, social communication skills are difficult to practice in one-on-one therapy. Each day of SoCo Club will focus on:

  • Conversation skills including turn-taking and topic maintenance
  • Flexible thinking and perspective taking
  • Unspoken social rules and boundaries
  • Identifying emotions in self and others
  • Age-appropriate play skills
  • Building confidence in communication
  • Individual social-pragmatic needs of participants

Social skills will be incorporated into fun, interactive, and structured activities. SoCo Club is a great opportunity for your child to build and learn new social skills in a small group setting for success in the home and in classroom settings.


  • Sessions run monthly for four weeks on Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:30 pm.
  • Sessions typically start on the first Tuesday of each month.


  • LTTS North Austin Clinic at 9101 Burnet Road, Suite 103, Austin Texas 78758


  • $150.00 per session

Application Process

  • Applications are due no later than three weeks before each session start date.
  • Dates will be offered to applicants based on groups of children who match based on age level and social-pragmatic skills.
  • A deposit of $100.00 and a completed Program Authorization Form are due no later than two weeks before each session.

We look forward to providing an opportunity for your child to build their communication skills in SoCo Club!

For more information and to request an application, please email us.

Social Caterpillars

Often, social communication skills are difficult to practice in one-on-one therapy.

Social Caterpillars is a great opportunity for your young child to practice critical early social skills with other age-matched and social-emotional matched peers for future success in the community and in a classroom setting.

This group is created for children ages 3-5. It will consist of 4 to 5 children and 1 speech language pathologist. Sessions are 2 days a week for 4 weeks and last for 1 hour.

There will be a follow-up parent consultation at the end to ensure that parents can carry over techniques learned at home.

The following is a general description of the program components you can expect from Social Caterpillars:

  • Directed teaching of lessons throughout the four weeks to promote:
    1. Engaging in various types of play and sharing with peers
    2. Learning to identify and manage simple emotions
    3. Independently requesting objects from peers and asking for help
    4. Waiting and taking turns with peers
  • Guided practice in using lessons that have been discussed in pre-planned and spontaneous interactions, such as in tabletop, circle, and play activities

The small group size and adult-to-child ratio will promote quality practice with social communication skills necessary for larger groups. With ample opportunities for children to interact with others, they will flourish into a social caterpillar.

Batter and Chatter

The Batter and Chatter program is a great opportunity for your child to build literacy and learn new social skills in a small group setting for success in the home and in classroom settings.

Language and baking occur naturally together. Children really enjoy baking because it can be a stimulating sensory activity as well as a language rich activity.

Following directions, sequencing, and vocabulary skills are all required when you’re whipping up something tasty in the kitchen!

Additionally, social language goals can be easily targeted (e.g. topic maintenance, turn-taking, appropriate topics, etc.) when baking in a group.

Motor Skills Programs

Get the Write Moves based on Handwriting Without Tears

Join us for this workshop if your child:

  • has minimal formal handwriting instruction
  • complains that writing or fine-motor tasks are too hard or tiring
  • has poor legibility
  • has inconsistent letter memory, orientation, placement, formation, size, or spacing
  • has an awkward grasp
  • needs a handwriting refresher or skill-boost before the start of the school year

In Get the Write Moves you can expect:

  • Multisensory and motivating gross and fine motor activities
  • Group and 1:1 handwriting instruction
  • Easy to implement home recommendations, with Handwriting Without Tears workbook to keep
  • If your child falls outside the age range, but you feel they can benefit from this camp, please reach out and we can discuss!
  • Groups are formed with emphasis on skill level vs age/grade
  • Two age groups of 3-5 kids each *The camp must have at least 3 children to run*
  • One Occupational Therapist, with a helper

Early Learners Group

  • Pre-writing (shapes, lines), uppercase letters, and numbers
  • Geared toward ages 4-5, PK-K, or kiddos needing to go back to the basics

School Aged Group

  • Basic writing including uppercase, lowercase, words, and phrases
  • Geared toward ages 6-7, K-2nd, or kiddos needing to review and build skill-base

Our goal at Little Tesoros Therapy Services is to always provide a fun and supportive environment for the children in our care to grow and flourish. Through a playful group experience, children can engage in handwriting practice and skill development with greater ease, supporting carryover across settings.

  • Dates and Times: December 27, 2023 - January 3, 2024,
  • Early Learners Group 9:30am - 11:00am
  • School-Aged Group 11:30am - 1:00pm

Location: Cedar Park Clinic at 1301 Medical Parkway Suite 130, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Cost: $350.00 + $15.00 for cost of materials = $365.00 total cost

Mighty Kids Strengthening and Coordination Program

Mighty Kids is a child-focused strengthening and conditioning program using games, exercises, and circuit training to build strength and coordination skills in groups of 3-5 kids.

The program is designed to target kids who are not in need of traditional physical therapy yet would benefit from overall strengthening. Groups are formed by age and skill based on applicant needs.

Mighty Kids is professionally developed by physical therapists. Individual goals are designed to address the unique needs of each child and progress is monitored weekly.

Your child will love the fun strengthening routines designed to motivate and create excitement about working out!

Dates and Times: 12/26/23 – 1/02/24, weekdays from 11am – 12pm

Cost: $200 for six 1-hour classes

Location: Cedar Park Clinic at 1301 Medical Parkway Suite 130, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Typing Titans based on Keyboarding Without Tears

In today’s digital world, typing is an essential skill. Many skills go into successful typing such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual memory, and looking between two surfaces.

Through grade level/skill level appropriate activities, practice, and support by trained occupational therapists, kids grades K-5 will improve essential skills and apply to daily typing demands, becoming a Typing Titan!

Dates and Times: Starting January 2, 2024 on Tuesdays x 6 weeks per class, from 3:30 – 4:30

Cost: $250 (includes license to use at home for one year with Keyboarding Without Tears)

Location: Cedar Park Clinic at 1301 Medical Parkway Suite 130, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

“My 6-year-old twins built handwriting confidence and skills during their time at Get the Write Moves Camp. They were enthusiastic about attending each day, and they were motivated to practice more on their own, as well.”

Laura, mother of Jacob and Lucas, age 6

One World Karate

One World Karate offers specific and comprehensive instruction for all children regardless of their special needs. There is a program that fits your child.

These classes are specifically designed for children with needs that are often addressed through occupational or physical therapy. The classes are designed to be adaptable to student’s specific needs and current limitations.

Core strength, focus, discipline, and self-esteem are at the heart of our fun-filled lessons.

The students will learn real martial art skills, progressing through the belts via participation. Class attendance is the determining factor in promotion.

Belt tests are opportunities to build emotional strength and self worth through demonstrating progress. The classes are for ages 3 and up.

Martial arts provide numerous benefits to all practitioners regardless of needs or abilities, but a martial art program taught by a teacher who understands the special needs inherent in a diverse population can have a profound impact on the participants.

From a physiological standpoint, martial arts develop both muscle memory and fitness. Many studies show that martial arts can help develop neurological pathways within the brain itself.

  • All classes are taught at One World Karate, 9029 Research Blvd, #100
  • Classes are Mondays and Fridays from 3 – 7PM , and Saturdays from 9AM – 3PM
  • Private lessons are available
  • In-home lessons are available on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3 – 7PM
  • Ages 3 and up are welcome
  • Learn more and register at

Note: One World Karate is not an official Little Tesoros program and is not taught by Little Tesoros staff members. The classes are lead by Daniel Carroll, a 7 year veteran of special education and a 17 year veteran of martial arts instruction.